The Biggest Films of 2010: In Numbers

The Screen International show has just released the figures for how much money each film made at the cinema during last year. Lots and lots of money was spent seeing the latest biggest films!

The top dog? Toy Story 3 which made £73.8 million in ticket sales.

The next biggest film was Avatar! Can you believe that Toy Story 3 beat Avatar after all you’ve heard.

The top 10 were:

#1 – Toy Story 3 (£78.3m)
#2 – Avatar (£67m)
#3 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Harrows (£48.7m)
#4 – Alice in Wonderland (£42.2m)
#5 – Inception (£35.8m)
#6 – Shrek: Forever After (£32.3m)
#7 – The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (£29.7m)
#8 – Sex and the City Two (£21.6m)
#9 – Iron Man 2 (£21.2m)
#10 – Clash of the Titans (£20.2m)

Altogether, that’s a lot of money!


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