Video: Rihanna and Square Rooting

Rihanna is currently sitting top of the charts with her very catchy single “What’s My Name?”. Not only do we love the track and can’t stop singing it, but we also are super excited about Drake trying to work out a square root! (20 secs into the video).

So what is square rooting? It is looking for a number that, when times by itself makes our original number. When we are square rooting, we use this symbol √.

So, for example, what’s √64? Well we know that, 8×8=64. So √64 = 8

The square root of 9 is 3, because 3×3=9.

So, Drake, what’s “the square root of 69”? Well, the rapper is quite right, it is “8-summin”. He could be more precise though. It is in fact, 8.3066238629180748525842627449075 because:

8.3066238629180748525842627449075 x 8.3066238629180748525842627449075 = 69

Almost there, Drake. We would never expect you to have done a sum like this in your head anyway. Keep up the good work.


About bcarrmaths

The maths department at Balby Carr Community Sports and Science College, Doncaster.
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