Stuff We Like: ArithmeTick App

Speaking of apps for your phone, (cough cough, make sure you download the BC Maths app, cough cough) here’s another really good one.

It’s a game called arithmeTick and is great for practising your quick mental maths using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Plus, it’s FREE!

Can you beat us? Our current high score is 359.

Good Luck!

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Getting Started

So to get things started, here is a quick activity to have a go at.

We think it’s a really good warm up exercise for before you start revising or even before the exams.

Have a go and be sure to let us know the answers you get and how you get on. Good Luck!

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This is the first post in the Maths department’s new blog. We hope you are going to use this source over the coming weeks and months to help you get the maths grade you want.

If you haven’t downloaded the app already for your phone, DO IT NOW! There will be a video on here shortly to show you how to use it to it to the max so that you can improve your maths and ask your teachers questions wherever you are.

Check back soon as we start to get this thing rolling with revision help and useful aids to help you GET THE GRADE YOU WANT.


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