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Video: Rihanna and Square Rooting

Rihanna is currently sitting top of the charts with her very catchy single “What’s My Name?”. Not only do we love the track and can’t stop singing it, but we also are super excited about Drake trying to work out a square root! (20 secs into the video).

So what is square rooting? It is looking for a number that, when times by itself makes our original number. When we are square rooting, we use this symbol √.

So, for example, what’s √64? Well we know that, 8×8=64. So √64 = 8

The square root of 9 is 3, because 3×3=9.

So, Drake, what’s “the square root of 69”? Well, the rapper is quite right, it is “8-summin”. He could be more precise though. It is in fact, 8.3066238629180748525842627449075 because:

8.3066238629180748525842627449075 x 8.3066238629180748525842627449075 = 69

Almost there, Drake. We would never expect you to have done a sum like this in your head anyway. Keep up the good work.

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The Biggest Films of 2010: In Numbers

The Screen International show has just released the figures for how much money each film made at the cinema during last year. Lots and lots of money was spent seeing the latest biggest films!

The top dog? Toy Story 3 which made £73.8 million in ticket sales.

The next biggest film was Avatar! Can you believe that Toy Story 3 beat Avatar after all you’ve heard.

The top 10 were:

#1 – Toy Story 3 (£78.3m)
#2 – Avatar (£67m)
#3 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Harrows (£48.7m)
#4 – Alice in Wonderland (£42.2m)
#5 – Inception (£35.8m)
#6 – Shrek: Forever After (£32.3m)
#7 – The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (£29.7m)
#8 – Sex and the City Two (£21.6m)
#9 – Iron Man 2 (£21.2m)
#10 – Clash of the Titans (£20.2m)

Altogether, that’s a lot of money!

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Some Nice Cartoons

An American maths teacher we know got his class to make posters about triangles and congruence the other day.

(Congruence = they are the same shape, but could be different sizes)

We think they’re so good that we thought we’d share them with you.

Would you like to draw some posters in your class? We’ll get on it.

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Video: Justin Bieber and Fractions

We have found YET ANOTHER celebrity who is a fan of maths.

Justin Bieber, the teenage king of making girls scream, loves fractions so much that he wrote a whole song containing loads of different references to our favourite numerator / denominator combination.

Lyrics include:

“Just a fraction of you love fills the air”

“I don’t want to go back / To just being one half of the equation”

“Can you fix this compass at heart”

“You’re the common denominator”

We think, with this song in his repetoire, Justin Bieber might be our new favourite pop star!

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Real World: X Factor Voting

The most popular show in the country uses maths all the time. For one thing, there always a producer sat behind the camera with a stopwatch furiously calculating timings and telling Dermot how long he’s got left before the break. But the most important thing, the public vote, is entirely made of maths. To show that off ITV have released the voting results for every week of this series. Spot how they use percentages and imagine how they calculated those! Click Here to check the results out for yourself:

The interesting news flashes are: Matt Cardle won the public vote every week apart from the 1st week, when Mary won.
Some weeks Aiden, Katie, Rebecca, Mary and Cher came second, but One Direction never did!

(and then there’s also the results from 2009  and 2008 )

So if you want a career in this biz, you better get practicing on your percentages.

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Video: Lady Gaga does Trigonometry

We’re always being asked how maths appears in the real world. Well, we’ve found a good example. A student in America has used Lady Gaga to show places you can find trigonometry / triangles

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